Welcome To Nite Out Promotions
Nite Out Promotions have been established for over 25 years organising Race Nights, Fun Casinos and Corporate events, including sports and social clubs to some of the UK largest blue chip companies, also we are Europe's Largest suppliers of Race Night DVD's & Films and Tote tickets to event operators and venues throughout the world. We supply agents, operators, corporate events, schools, venues, cruise ships, holiday centres, karaoke, discos and bars throughout the world, new operators will be supplied with full information on how to organise and operate your event. Race nights are the cheapest and probably the most successful of fund raising events.

We supply most if not all operators with some type of race or tote tickets. We supply operators throughout the world, we have races from many different countries and many different types of races. All our races have 8 runners including flat, jump, trotters, dogs and racing pigs, all our races have introductions, leader boards and end winning captions.

All our commentators are widely used by TV racing channels we supply a full range of tote tickets and accessories our tote tickets include races 1-9 race 9 and race 10 together with tote tickets for races with 10 runners. If your event is a fundraiser we can supply accessories like tri cast sheet, posters, dual forecast and blank race cards. Full free information pack for new operators and venues sample races infact every possible piece of information to get you started.
New Races For 2014
Nite Out Promotions are always looking to offer new products and new ideas. In 2014 Nite Out Promotions purchased the rights to 11 New Races from Mauritius and Ireland.

The races are the best quality we have ever had and they have all been hand selected to offer the most excitement to your guests.

At the start of the races the introduction shows in full screen the colour of the jockey silks that relate to the horse number.

The cost of these new races is £15.00 per race and if you purchase 9 races you will get 3 free with free delivery. Their is no excuse for any operators to be using old scratchy footage.